Sunday, May 11, 2014

So now what?

So i sold an item using Ebay's global shipping problem. I shipped as normal to the "shipping hub". The buyer contacted me a week and a half or so later. So i tracked it and found it had arrived at and departed the hub but had not been delivered. I let her know.. all was good. Then she messages me a few days later saying she received an empty package with only a packing slip! WHAT?! How is that possible. So she wants a refund. Okay, the thing only sold for 8 bucks and i paid a dollar... sure. So i go to issue a refund and i cant because the funds are being held because the buyer has already opened and escalated a case against me.

So now what?

Im not sure what to do here. I was willing to do the refund but the buyer opened AND escalated the case before i had even been messaged. So Im just waiting for Ebay i guess. I am supposed to be contacted within 48 hours... Will this affect my top rated status? Anyone know what to expect next?

This is kind of really freaking me out.

= (


  1. Megan, did you ask her if the package looked like it had been opened (like by customs?) or tampered with in any way?

  2. i thought the GSP sucked up any claims like that.

  3. Megan, this is not your issue. This is the beautiful thing about GSP. Once it's arrived safely at the distribution center in Kentucky, it's ebay's responsibility. Call ebay or ask the customer to call ebay to find out what to do next. You do not owe this customer a refund. If she is owed a refund, then ebay will cover it themselves. Because it was a shipping issue on ebay's end, if the customer were to leave any negative feedback, it would be removed by ebay.

    1. GREAT TO KNOW! I thought so... but i am new to the using the global shipping program and wasnt completely sure.