Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Recent Fave Finds to resell on ebay

Here are a few of my recent favorite finds! All items were purchased at my local goodwill outlet.

Betseyville Betsey Johnson Peep Toe Heels
Paid: $2
Estimated sale: 19.99

Your Baby Can Discover 3 DVD Set
Paid .75
Estimated sale: $45

Little Pim Italian Volume 2-- 3 DVD SET 
Paid: .75
Estimated Sale: $50

Leapster Games-- Various Titles 

Cost: .99 cents for all 19
Estimated sale: 30-40$ for all-- maybe more not really sure

Super cool Vintage movie Promotion pins (large 3 inch sized)
These are just my favorites from the bunch but i have about ten more.
Check out the 3 little mermaid ones!  
Cost: .98 for all
Estimated sale: maybe 30-40 not really sure 

I thought this item was really cool as well
Vintage Executair Travel Bar 

Cost: 4.78
Estimated Sale: $50

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Photoshop elements 6 software 
Cost; .25 cents each
estimated Sale: 15 each

INC international concepts beaded/sequined skirt
NEW WITH TAGS--$119 retail 
Cost: .98
Estimated sale: $40


  1. the leapster games you should be able to get a minimum of 4.95 per title (sonic/wolverine/and a select few others you should be able to get 8 each for) great score .99 for all! i usually get stuck paying around 2 each :) i love those shoes! not a huge sale but still a fantastic piece :D

    1. Great to know! I didnt know what those leapster games would go for. Shoudl i sell as a lot or individual?

    2. if it were me i would lot the star wars ones together and then up/ratatouille/walle/toy story together as they arent super popular. the rest should do ok individually. If you sell as a lot you will probably only get around 2.00 a piece. Since I have little kids with Leapsters the games are 1 of my fav things to sell i think i have sold around 200 last year. They arent super fast sellers (BIN anyway. I havent done auctions but i have a ton of my kids waiting to be done auction LOL) but they are easy to store and ship. Best of luck!

  2. I would be interested to see how your promo pins do. BTW, I have made my first comment. Thanks for changing the setup.