Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A look into my Ebay Room -- Where i work and how i store my ebay inventory

So today i decided to share a look at my "Ebay Room". It is where i store my inventory and work. The condo we live in is a one bedroom with a bonus room off the kitchen which i have turned into my office. Its a bit messy so no judgement lol. So without further ado....my ebay room:

The view from the doorway
(and my kitty Mali (after Maleficent) relaxing in the sun)

My Inventory shelves... this is all stuff that is currently unlisted...YIKES!
I love these shelves. 30$ at walmart! Sturdy and practical. 

My Desk Area (the messy part)
The black storage carts house my shipping envelopes, scale, tape, scissors, etc. etc.
The white shelf over here Is where i house the items that are currently listed.
As you can see im slacking.

And just for fun....

Mali Helping me work. 

Mali And Charlie relaxing in the sun =)

So how and where do you store your inventory?
Do you have an "ebay room" or area?


  1. You're pretty darned organized! We have an addition built onto the back of our house that serves as my ebay room. Walmart shelves line the walls, and I also have a wall of cabinetry that holds breakables. I have a large walk-in closet upstairs that holds any clothing items I'm selling. I'm in dire need of more shelving. As my listings have grown, some of my inventory is finding itself stacked on the floor. Time for me to buy some more shelves and get things straightened out again. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. I just recently bought more shelves when we moved and i may end up needing more if i dont get busy listing!

  2. I have a big wall unit in my office that holds all my shipping supplies and also some inventory. I put pre-packed items way up on top of it. I have a couple of those rolling carts with drawers that I store inventory in as well and I bought a cheap garment rack with a cover at Walmart to hold clothes. I try not to let my inventory take over my house because we don't really have a lot of room. I avoid buying very large items.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I would love to see your guys' "ebay rooms" some day. I am always looking for ways to improve my work space. I get so much more done when my work space is organized and nice to be in!

  4. Sweet digs!! I should take some pictures of my new eBay room, too.... if I ever get organized to the point where it wouldn't be a massive embarrassment. :}

  5. I have stuff everywhere! You are more organized than me!
    Lisa @ centralfloridathrifter