Friday, May 16, 2014

INK and a purple star

So i know everyone probably know this already...BUT... if you find ink... BUY IT! Check out this single ink cartridge i just sold for...

paid: .86 cents

Not too shabby! And soooo easy to list!

Also, i Am very happy to say i have finally reached 500 positive feedback and got my purple star!
Now to hit 1000. Im hoping to really step up my game this summer!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Recent Fave Finds to resell on ebay

Here are a few of my recent favorite finds! All items were purchased at my local goodwill outlet.

Betseyville Betsey Johnson Peep Toe Heels
Paid: $2
Estimated sale: 19.99

Your Baby Can Discover 3 DVD Set
Paid .75
Estimated sale: $45

Little Pim Italian Volume 2-- 3 DVD SET 
Paid: .75
Estimated Sale: $50

Leapster Games-- Various Titles 

Cost: .99 cents for all 19
Estimated sale: 30-40$ for all-- maybe more not really sure

Super cool Vintage movie Promotion pins (large 3 inch sized)
These are just my favorites from the bunch but i have about ten more.
Check out the 3 little mermaid ones!  
Cost: .98 for all
Estimated sale: maybe 30-40 not really sure 

I thought this item was really cool as well
Vintage Executair Travel Bar 

Cost: 4.78
Estimated Sale: $50

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Photoshop elements 6 software 
Cost; .25 cents each
estimated Sale: 15 each

INC international concepts beaded/sequined skirt
NEW WITH TAGS--$119 retail 
Cost: .98
Estimated sale: $40

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A look into my Ebay Room -- Where i work and how i store my ebay inventory

So today i decided to share a look at my "Ebay Room". It is where i store my inventory and work. The condo we live in is a one bedroom with a bonus room off the kitchen which i have turned into my office. Its a bit messy so no judgement lol. So without further ebay room:

The view from the doorway
(and my kitty Mali (after Maleficent) relaxing in the sun)

My Inventory shelves... this is all stuff that is currently unlisted...YIKES!
I love these shelves. 30$ at walmart! Sturdy and practical. 

My Desk Area (the messy part)
The black storage carts house my shipping envelopes, scale, tape, scissors, etc. etc.
The white shelf over here Is where i house the items that are currently listed.
As you can see im slacking.

And just for fun....

Mali Helping me work. 

Mali And Charlie relaxing in the sun =)

So how and where do you store your inventory?
Do you have an "ebay room" or area?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

So now what?

So i sold an item using Ebay's global shipping problem. I shipped as normal to the "shipping hub". The buyer contacted me a week and a half or so later. So i tracked it and found it had arrived at and departed the hub but had not been delivered. I let her know.. all was good. Then she messages me a few days later saying she received an empty package with only a packing slip! WHAT?! How is that possible. So she wants a refund. Okay, the thing only sold for 8 bucks and i paid a dollar... sure. So i go to issue a refund and i cant because the funds are being held because the buyer has already opened and escalated a case against me.

So now what?

Im not sure what to do here. I was willing to do the refund but the buyer opened AND escalated the case before i had even been messaged. So Im just waiting for Ebay i guess. I am supposed to be contacted within 48 hours... Will this affect my top rated status? Anyone know what to expect next?

This is kind of really freaking me out.

= (

Sunday, May 4, 2014


My new job adventure has made blogging and ebaying nearly impossible. But, i have one week left until things get back to normal. I cant wait to get posting and selling again!

How do you find time to sell on ebay?