Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I had a great week last week. I sold 36 items! I never quite made it to my 100 active items goal because things just kept selling as fast as i could list them. Here are a few of my best sales:

Tommy Bahama Relax Shorts
Cost: 1.09
Sold: 18.49

Derek Heart Plus Size Dress
(I bought this for myself over a year ago and have never wore it)
Cost: Cant remember
Sold: 22.01

Lucky Brand asian inspired hoodie
(had a small hole and paint stain on sleeve)
Cost: .82
Sold: 14.99

(Had 2 small holes)
Cost: 1.09
Sold: 28.00

Tommy Bahama relax 100% linen button up 
Cost: 1.09
Sold: 18.49

(found this when i moved. It belonged to a printer i gave away ages ago)
Cost: Unknown
Sold: 24.50

Lacoste polo size 9 (3xl) 
Cost: 1.00
Sold: 29.00

Nike San Francisco Giants Velour Track Pants 
Cost: .89
Sold: 14.99

Hopefully I can keep listing and keep the sales coming. My goal is to clear 1000$ for the month of april after fees and everything. I start my new position and work schedule next week (from 30 hours to 40 hours per week so hopefully i can still keep up with my ebay stuff.

How are everyone elses sales going?